When you finished the installation or when you are facing problems, you can check your installation with the syndeo_check script. The script is delivered as syndeo_check.txt in the starnet directory. Rename it from sas_check.txt to syndeo_check.php and goto url:

Don't forget to rename it back when you are finished!

you'll see a screen similar to the following:

 You will find :

  1. The software levels you (or your provider) is running
  2. A few important PHP ini settings.
  3. If you can do uploads
  4. If all tables are installed.
  5. Important configuration items like the webserver path.
  6. Which modules are installed.

You can use the email input field to send the report via email.

If you still have questions or problems please visit the forum and search for answers there.
You can post questions , if you think you have found a bug please describe the steps leading to the error.
Check the error log and post the full text in our forum.