1. Migrate from Site@School 2.4.10

When you want to migrate from Site@School to SyndeoCMS, you need to have version S@S version 2.4.10. If you have a lower version you will need to upgrade to 2.4.10 first.

After unzip/upload the files you need to go to http://www.yourschool.com/starnet/install and you will see following screen:

Click on the 'migrate2.4_2.5.php and follow the instructions on the screen file. This migration script will upgrade your S@S system to SyndeoCMS version 2.5.01.
The migration is done in three steps. In the final step additional database tables are created or changed.
Simply click 'Continue' a couple of times.

Do not forget to delete the contents of the ../starnet/install directory.
And , last but not least, as a final check it's a good idea to run ../starnet/syndeo_check.php, see the SyndeoCMS check script.

1.1 Upgrading and your language files

When you have made changes to your language files, for example to adapt SyndeoCMS for a youth orchestra instead of a primary school, you have to take do a final procedure.

After the 2.5 upgrade, you will need to load the changed language files once in the translate tool and press 'Save'. By pressing save the newly introduced language items of 2.4 will be added to your NL_user.php file (NL is dutch this can be any other language code). This has also to be done for all language files beloging to modules . The same is true for future versions.

When you are migrated to SyndeoCMS you are using version 2.5.01. Run the 'migrate2.5_2.6.php' script to use the latest version 2.6.00.