Changes for the coming up version of SyndeoCMS

Below you see a overview of changes for the next version of SyndeoCMS. This information will be updated when something is changed.

Message Module

  • Texteditor added
    It is now possible to use the texteditor to add or change a message.


  • Logging
    User logging is added. Here you can see who has logged on at your website or tried to do this. This overview gives the date, time, IP-address and user information.

Module Classpages

  • A teacher can change the properties of a pupil
  • A new Project page is made with the index on the top of the page horizontal. Also the index of a pupil page is on the top.

Module manager

  • You see only the modules on your screen where you have access to. For example. You have no rights to the Newsletter module, the newsletter module is not shown for you on the list.
  • Only 'autorized' users can change the CSS or the description of a module. If you are not autorized, the 'Edit' possibility is not shown before the modulename.
  • You can clear the CSS of all modules by one click and restore the basic CSS by one click. It is also possible propagate the CSS of a module to other modules.


  • The possibility to make a page hidden on the website. It is not possible to see the page with a URL you know.

Module Calendar

  • Calender has a new layout and possibilities. The calender is shown on the Demo Site
  • More adjustable possibilities of the colors
  • New color picker to select direct the color
  • Automatic resize of the calendar
  • Directly jump to the month and year
  • Possibillity to start the week with the sun- or monday

New Template available

  • A new template is added. The template is shown on the Demo Site

FCK Editor

  • Is upgraded to 2.5.1
  • in the editor a movie plugin is added