Here you can manage the users which have admin rights.

When the icon  appears behind a user name, this means that this user has done 10 or more invalid logins and is revoked. Change the password for this user, sent it to the user and click the 'Change password at next logon' option.

When you click on an existing user the following screen is shown:

 Adding a 'new user' has same screen layout except the input fields are empty.

  1. The full name of the user
  2. The username of the user. With this name he can login at the Protected Area or the admin part
  3. The password of the user. When you use encrytion, the password is not shown
  4. The e-mail adress of the user. This address can be used for access to a newsletter
  5. You can choose an editor here, at the moment there are 2 choices: FCKeditor and a plain HTML editor for advanced users
  6. Here you can specify the sections where the user has access to. Leaving blank means acces to all sections
  7. Overview of the sections of the website, can be used as a reference on the sesction input field
  8. When you add or change a administrator you have now the possibility to 'force', at the first login of the user, that he must change his password.
    When using this option, it's not allowed anymore to use the old password again

  1. Here you give users access to the several options of the admin part of the website
  2. Here you give users access to the available modules of SyndeoCMS

Copy a user

Here you can copy a existing user to a new one together with all acces rights, choose an user from the pull down menu and click "Copy user":