Working environment

Working environment options are set here. Normally most options are set during installation. So be carefull what you change here.

  1. Choose the language you want to have al textual settings in.
  2. Specify the dateformat, see the examples.
  3. Specifies the width for the editor used in eg the pagemanager, specify in pixels.
  4. Depending on the  computer monitor you are working on  the height of the editor can be adjusted here.
  5. Here you specify the maximum number of pupilpages a pupil can have, the default is 3.
  6. Directory permissions: You can choose the linux permission used for creating directories in the starnet/media and starnet/studentpages directory. Your choice depends on the setup of your site, see the security chapter for more information.
  7. For security reasons no Javascript will be allowed in input fields. You can use only Javascript in the texteditor to set this option temperarely to Yes. Set it back to No when you are ready changing the page (this option is available of version 3.0).
  8. To be able to upload files via the filemanager, the file extension has to be specified here. When you miss an extension just fill in the empty field and click save. Most common extentions are installed by default as seen above. Carefull: don't specify file extesions which are from executable files (eg. php, asp, js etc).