1. Introduction
    1.1 Requirements
    1.2 Unpacking the software
    1.3 Create MySQL database
2. New Installation

1.1 Requirements

To install SyndeoCMS following software levels are needed:  

Most internet providers have these levels or higher.

1.2 Unpacking the software

You will need to unzip the SyndeoCMS zip and upload it to your website via FTP.
If you are using your own server you need to unzip the files in Linux the document root, the directory will be something like '/home/httpd/html/', or '/home/httpd/htdocs/' or '/var/www/' .
On Windows the default document root path is: 'C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache\htdocs'
For Linux and Windows these are the most common places. If you wish, you can select an other directory under the document root directory to install SyndeoCMS.

After uploading the files you must rename the database file and the security. Go via ftp to the map :
../starnet/configuration. In this map you find a file called Rename this file and change the security of this file temporarily in 777. This is needed to store information into this file.
Don't forget to change the security of this file back to 444 after the installation is finished !!!

1.3 Create MySQL database

Depending on the provider, you will get a MySQL database, the user and password from your provider (in a mail or letter) or you must create your own database and user. You need the name of the database, the username and the password for the installation of SyndeCMS

2. New Installation

New install

After unzip/upload you need to go to and click the install.php of the language of your choice (except for the version the following screens are the same for version 2.9.00):


 Then you will get the opening screen of the install process:

click on Continue


Website title: Here you can specify the name of your site, this can be changed later on via the configuration.

Serverpath: See the examples given on the screen, you only need to change it if you unzipped/uploaded SyndeoCMS into a different directory.

Url of the site: This is normally, including extra directories: eg.

Securitycode: This code is used for sessions, please change the default.

click on Continue


MySQL server address: Normally this is "localhost" , so the default can be used in most cases.

Mysql username: This is the username of the user which has access to the mysql database. If in doubt ask the provider or system administrator for the right info.

Mysql Password: The password belonging to the above user.

Mysql Database name:   Name of the database which will be used to store the SyndeoCMS tables in.

Tablename prefix: You can have multiple SyndeoCMS installations , to have a unique set of tables a database prefix is needed. "syn_" can be used in most cases.

after filling in click on Continue

 If you want to install some demonstration data, choose either Yes or No and press Continue.

To manage your site, an admin user is needed and it is defined in this step.
Password needs to be at least 4 characters and all fields need to be filled in.
After pressing Continue the following screen is presented:

The installation is finished and you are able to login with the just created admin user.

Don't forget to clean the starnet/install directory because it is not needed anymore and we don't want
other visititors to accidentally run the install again.