SyndeoCMS languages


SyndeoCMS is made for primary Schools 'all over the world' so there are a couple of languages which can be used in this CMS. The available language files can be found here:

At this moment, SyndeoCMS supports the following languages :
English (up to date 2.8),
Spanish (up to date 2.6) (thanks to Mark van Ewijk),
Brazilian-Portugese VACANT
Norwegian (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Henry Jovik),
Dutch (2.8) (Fred)
Swedish (Thomas Karlsson )
German (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Carsten Schröder)
Chinese, (thanks to Jinhe Pei),
Japanese (up to date 2.8) (thanks to Satomi Ide)
Turkish, (thanks to Ylker Turen),
French, (up to date 2.5) (thanks to Thomas Fleith, Jean Peyratout),
Finnish (up to date 2.5) (thanks to Timo Tervo),
Danish (thanks to Ole Bang Ottosen),
Italian (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Antoni Anto, Enrico Centenaro).
Bulgarian (up to date 2.7) (thanks to Stefan Stefanov)
Hungarian (up to date 2.5) (thanks to Gabi Beni)