SyndeoCMS little 'history'

A little 'history'

I have been the main programmer for [email protected] for about 4 years. After a disagreement with the [email protected] on how to proceed with the project, I decided to leave the team and started my own open source project in january 2007 with the name "SyndeoCMS".
Syndeo is the Greek word for "being connected".

What have I done in those 4 years for [email protected]?
I have written 90% of the PHP code and which is downloaded (in severall versions) more than 50.000 times. All other code is also open source (GPL) and it is clearly stated in the code headers who has written it, eg. FCKeditor

I made over 3.000 posts on the [email protected] forum to help users and solve bugs.

SyndeoCMS is build around my original code and it is still open source (GPL).
Much more can be said about what happened with the splitup but I want to continue with this project.