Download SyndeoCMS


When you click on the link below, you can download the complete SyndeoCMS 3.2 software, the available updates or language files. When you click on the filename it will be downloaded.

For new users or users who are migrating, check the readme.txt and the migrate.html with information about a new installation or migration.
You can find this information by starting www.yourschool/starnet/install/ after you have copied all the files on the webserver. A menu appears with information and the install / migrate scripts.
For users who want to migrate from [email protected] 2.4.10 there is a special migration script which brings your website up to SyndeoCMS 2.8.02 in one step.

Special for users who migrate.
Please read the chapter CSS in the manual. Here you can read how you can use CSS in modules.

We hope you enjoy the new features and wish you a good time with SyndeoCMS.